Tally-Union GmbH & Co.

Addicks & Kreye / Tally-Union GmbH & Co. is the root of a group of companies. Originally founded in 1824 as Baurmeister & Weyhusen, in 1908 the families of Georg Kreye and G.W.A. Addicks took over and continued the services under the wellknown name of Addicks & Kreye. During decades and following the trend of changes also the activities changed from packers and corn-supervisors to sworn cargo measurers and tally services, which were employed by most of the major international shipping lines.

As independent partners of the shipping lines, we are offering today all tally related activities for conventional sailings, as well as for the increasing container services and last but not least for the ro-ro-services in Bremen and Bremerhaven.

The basics of the tally work are checking of marks and numbers, measuring of packages and ascertaining weights. Also the preparation of all required documents, like cargo summeries, manifests, stowage plans, dangerous cargo lists, as well as transmitting of data by modern data communication.

As indispensible partner, we coordinate between all parties that are concerned with the cargo operation, including customs clearance. By continuing the tradition and task, combined with flexibility and open for requirements of today, Addicks & Kreye / Tally-Union are the neutral partner of shipping lines and their agents.

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