Addicks & Kreye Container Logistik GmbH & Co. is acting in the classic field of container trucking, local and long distance, as well as in the special traffic (reefer, low bottom and exceptional loads).

The offices in Bremerhaven, Bremen and Hamburg provide professional service "all around the container" and this includes customs clearance etc.

About 180 trucks per day are being dispatched within Germany and across the borders, with special concentration on trucking within the triangle between the seaports Bremerhaven, Bremen and Hamburg.

The A & K owned transport fleet of trucks and trailers has been transferred to Wilhelm Müller Spedition, Küperei und Lagerung GmbH & Co., a 100% subsidiary of Addicks & Kreye Container Logistik GmbH & Co. and is being employed by A & K exclusively.

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